iLab Solutions

iLab Solutions offers a proven web-based core facilities management system designed exclusively for core facilities at research institutions. iLab provides this tool using a “Software-as-a-Service” (SAAS) model; customers are not responsible for any local hardware setup, installation, or user support. This leads to significantly lower costs, both up-front and on an on-going basis.

iLab provides a modular platform to provide the following Core Facility capabilities:

(1) Request management:

Schedule equipment, track usage, streamline work requests & prepare quotations

(2) Standard Bills & Invoices

Automate billing, validate funding information, recover costs from internal & external users

(3) Reporting & Monitoring

Maintain audit records & consistent metrics, generate flexible reports

The iLab core facility management system offers significant benefits in saving time and money for core personnel, institutional administrators, and researchers who use core services. iLab works with each core or institution to tailor an integration to meet its needs and constraints. Options to integrate with existing systems include:

Important advantages of the iLab system include:

- A proven design tailored to the requirements of core facilities with intuitive user interface
- Rapid deployment to system users
- Minimal demands on local IS resources
- Product enhancements on a continuous basis
- Track record of successful integrations with financial management/ERP systems.
- Comprehensive customer support
- Security

Further Information

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